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Institutional Affiliate Membership (IAM)


Enhance your museum career. Get informed and involved with our regional Museum community. Be the best you can be at your job and beyond.

If you are an employee, board member or volunteer of a MPMA Institutional member, you are eligible to become a MPMA Institutional Affiliates Member (“IAM”) at no cost to you!


This is the best way to get connected with the MPMA regional museum community, additionally you will receive amazing benefits to enhance your professional career.

The Institutional Affiliate Member (IAM) program provides electronic memberships to institutions.  If an institution is an MPMA member, all of its staff, volunteers and board members can opt into a complimentary Institutional Affiliate Membership, giving them full access to all of MPMA benefits.  This free membership lasts for as long as the institution remains a member of MPMA.  

Here’s a preview:

Receive our acclaimed MPMA publications (including MPMA’s Newsgram),  delivered directly to your inbox.

Enjoy member only discounts at our annual MPMA Conference; including professional development curriculum, sessions, and earn credits toward your MPMA’s Digital Credential Program (Badging)

Get discounts on MPMA publications, including the popular National Salary & Benefits Survey (National Comparative Salary & Benefits Study).

Participate in any of the MPMAs PINs (Professional Interest Networks) this is your ticket to collaborating with museum colleagues and develop professional friendships that may enhance your career and beyond.

To get started contact your designated Institutional Group (Bundle) Administrator, who coordinates and adds staff members to the Membership, to add you as an IAM member.

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